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Extreme Escorts - Scat Watersports Hardsports

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Flirt4Free Live Sex Cams!
Louise Sub escort (33)
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Escorts for Hardsports | Scat Play | Extreme services

Submissive Louise that will carry out most of our extreme services.  Submissive Louise only recieves Hardsports does not give. As her regular clients know from experience she is the No1 for extreme services and Hardsports and scat play. As reports on various web sites will confirm

Well I guess you have come to this page because you are looking for something extreme or the chances are you a curious to find out what  extreme services are.

What are EXTREME SERVICES well as far as we are concered extreme services are sexual pleasures that are outside the so called "norm" We understand that there are all kinds of people and all kinds of pleasure, even though to some they would consider it a bit weird. Here at Secret Passions Escorts we belive that if two consenting adults have discussed a certain sexual pleasure and they are both happy with it, then however weird or extreme it might be to others it is fine for the escort to carry out the request.

We understand that there are some very out there extreme services wanted and a not proffessing that we will carry all of them out. That does not mean we think they are to out there or that we are making any judgement it just means we are not willing to be involved. 

Some of the things we will NOT be involved with: any extreme violence involving blood inflicted on you as a client or to the escort..

We will not get involved with anaimal sex and we will NOT have anything to do with under age sex.

Quite likely that there are other things we have not considered but there are just a few that it is not worth asking about.

Extreme services we will consider are sex in strange places, Hardsports - scat - kaviar sex, extreme fisting, hot wax, heavy domination, incaseration, cock and ball torture, extreme electro play, extreme caning corporal punishment, watersports and submissive play.


If you have anything you would like to discuss please don't hesitate to ask.


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